Killoe: A Novel Louis LAmour


Published: 1996

Mass Market Paperback

150 pages


Killoe: A Novel  by  Louis LAmour

Killoe: A Novel by Louis LAmour
1996 | Mass Market Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 150 pages | ISBN: | 8.66 Mb

Although Ive not seen it mentioned, this book strikes me as one that Louis had started but maybe did not finish and was not completed until sometime after his passing. Ive been reading all of his books in the order they were written, not published. Started with Westward the Tide a few months ago.This story just seemed to jump from one location to the next without typical LL direction and in much more short description than I am accustomed to from his books.

I looked down to see how many pages were left and was surprised the story would end in five more pages. I was expecting maybe another 30+ pages.Its still a good read and as all of his books have been so far, worth the time.Getting some fantastic quotes from each of the books Ive read so far and am keeping a journal of sorts of things that speak to me that I think could apply to todays world (in America and beyond).

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